God Calls Each of Us to Follow Him

01-22-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Anthony Okolo, C.S.Sp, V.F.

In the first reading from the Prophet Isaiah, says “The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light, upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light is shone”. What this prophecy means is that the light of God will always overcome darkness. No matter how dark it may seem, the light of God will always shine forth.

It is another way of telling us that no matter how bad things may seem on our side today, we should never give up hope because God will always light up the way for us. This light is Jesus’ birth we celebrated a few weeks ago. The light of God is more than the darkness that tries to come down on us and weigh us down. Never give up hope. The light of God is alive ever shining.

In the first part of the Gospel, Jesus calls us to repent from our sins and bad ways. He wants us to turn away from anything that destroys our relationship with Him. He wants us to turn away from any evil habit that we may have and follow Him. It may be the habit of much alcohol, or not showing love and respect to our husbands and wives or being disobedient to our parents. It may be doubting the power of God in one’s life. Whatever the bad habit may be, Jesus calls us to get rid of it and come back to Him.

In the second part, we see how Jesus calls the first apostles Simon Peter and Andrew, James and John and they left their nets, their boat and their father and followed Jesus. In the same way, Jesus calls each of us to follow Him. He wants us to come closer to Him and He will change our lives. He is calling us today and now and He wants us to follow without delay. In this call, we must give up something important, something very dear to us to be able to answer His call. The apostles left very important things in their lives; they left their fishing nets, their boats and most importantly their father and followed Jesus. We must give up something to be able to follow Christ. Today, I would like to ask you what you are ready to give up to be able to follow Jesus with your whole heart. What is it that is holding you back from answering God’s call, what is it that is stopping you from receiving Jesus in your heart especially during Holy Communion?

Fr. Tony Okolo C.S.Sp., V.F.