Saved, Changed and Called

Through spiritual, intellectual, and social formation in the Catholic tradition, we empower our children to be courageous Catholics, formed in the virtues of Christ, to know Him and make Him known forever.

Spiritual Formation is achieved through:

  • frequent, active participation in the Liturgy celebrating the living Christ, the saints and the liturgical year
  • prayer, scripture, doctrine, and the lives of the saints integrated into the daily curriculum
  • a conviction that every child’s identity begins in the love of God, is rooted in virtue, and expressed openly in society
  • partnering with families to carry out the teachings of Christ to strengthen that same growth for the family home

Intellectual Formation is achieved through:

  • excellence and critical thinking skills  fostered by a strong academic program
  • a strict atmosphere of fair and consistent discipline that respects the child’s God-given dignity
  • a caring environment which enhances self-esteem, self-confidence, self-motivation and inner-directed behavior that is Christ-centered

Social Formation is achieved through:

  • opportunities for students to witness and serve in parish activities which teach responsibility, compassion and justice
  • the example of dedicated teachers, parish leaders, and committed and involved parents

By Catholic Tradition we mean:

  • the living practice of the faith in the lives of the faithful

By Courageous Catholics we mean:

  • strength of heart to live the faith with boldness as we see in the lives of the saints and our Fathers of the Faith