Infant Baptism Overview & Checklist

To schedule your child’s Baptism you must have completed all the paperwork included on this checklist.  When completed please bring all the paperwork to Deacon Patrick or Gaby at the Parish Office. We will then schedule your Baptism on one of the scheduled dates for Baptisms.

  • A completed Baptism Registration form.
  • A Government issued birth certificate. If the government birth certificate is unobtainable, a hospital record including the name and date of birth of the individual being baptized and his/her parent’s names can be used.
  • A completed Godparent Certificate (Affidavit) per Godparent. It must be signed by the pastor of the parish where the Godparents normally attend Mass. Godparent’s signature must be witnessed by a parish representative.
  • Each Godparent must submit Confirmation certificate.
  • If either Godparent is married, a marriage certificate issued by the Catholic Church must be submitted.
  • Baptismal certificate with confirmation & marriage notation included will be accepted for proof of Sacraments.
  • If the parents of the child being Baptized do not live within the boundaries of Our Lady of the Lake Church, a permission letter must be obtain from the Parish to which the parents belong.
  • Parents are required to take a Baptism Preparation Class within 2 years of the Baptism. It is highly recommended that Godparents do as well.

All paperwork must be submitted to the Parish Office at least 2 weeks prior to the date you are requesting from our scheduled Baptism dates.