Bereavement & Accompaniment

The Well - A Place of Encounter
Spiritual Support, Education, and Accompaniment. We do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat, we accompany.

Companions on the Journey
Small group for depression, anxiety, & grief support through conversation & accompaniment. We have begun meeting and will meet the first and third Saturday of every month at 10:30am.

Grief Recovery Method
8 sessions with an evidence based systematic approach to healing a broken heart and focusing on the recovery aspects of healing from grief. Ask us when our next class will be forming.

Encountering Christ
An anonymous spiritual and emotional healing approach to addiction support, through the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola as they are associated with the 12 steps. Substance Abuse Support, Breaking the Ties of Pornography, & Sexual Addiction are key aspects of the focus of this group. Groups are currently forming for those interested.

Bereavement Group
When a death occurs, life for those who live on changes forever. The Church recognizes this change and offers hope and comfort to those who grieve the loss of a loved one. As Jesus comforted Mary and Martha, the parish can reach out to comfort those who mourn. For personal bereavement with Fr. Michael, please call the Parish Office.

All groups will meet with Fr. Michael in the St. Thomas More Room of the Church. If you are interested in any of these groups, please call the Parish Office at 928-855-2685.