Rosary Guild Ministry

The Rosary Guild Ministry’s main purpose is to say the Rosary. When a parishioner has passed away and his/her wishes to have the rosary said at the wake or Funeral Mass, the family members who make the arrangements with the church office also tell them they want the rosary said. The office then will call the chairperson and inform them of the time, date, and place the Rosary is to be said.

We are the support for the deacons or the priest who may be doing the service as sometimes the person may have only friends here or has a small family and some may not be Catholic; we are able to say the Rosary with them and be there for that person. We are a small group and we sit in the back when we are at the funeral home or in the middle of the church for the church service.

We have no dues or meetings just your time when we are asked to pray the Rosary. Any man or woman of this parish is welcome to join us. The only thing you need to have is the Safe Environment Training, which is the policy of the Diocese.

If you feel that this is something you would like to be part of, please call Charlotte Van Nierop at 855-1358.