School Expansion Prayer

Please pray for the success of our school expansion.

Saint Thomas Aquinas Prayer

  • St. Thomas Aquinas,
  • patron of students and Catholic schools,
  • I thank God for the gifts
  • of light and knowledge he bestowed on you,
  • which you used to build up the Church in love.
  • I thank God, too,
  • for the wealth and richness of theological teaching
  • you left in your writings.
  • Not only were you a great teacher,
  • you lived a life of virtue.
  • and you made holiness the desire of your heart.
  • If I cannot imitate you
  • in the brilliance of your academic pursuits,
  • I can follow you in the humility and charity which marked your life.
  • As St. Paul said,
  • charity is the greatest gift,
  • and it is open to all.
  • Pray for me that I might grow in holiness and charity.Pray also for Catholic schools,
  • and for all students.
  • In particular, please pray the growth of the Catholic school here at
  • Our Lady of the Lake Parish.
  • Amen.