Why send your child to Catholic Schools?

The most important assignment husbands and wives have from God is to see that their children are properly educated.

When parents, therefore, choose a school for their children, they delegate to the teachers a large part of their responsibilities and a significant portion of their child's education.

Catholic Schools Need Everyone's Help

Whether you are a parent or not, examine the following reasons for helping Catholic schools:

  • At Baptism we joined the family of God and were charged to become evangelizers. We do this chiefly by acting in a Christ like manner. Catholic educators do this in a more formal manner by actively assisting in passing on the faith to the next generation. Because we are charged to be evangelizers, we need to assist those who do this on a full-time basis. We need to support our Catholic schools.
  • Catholic schools are a great gift to the nation. Large numbers of Catholic schools provide a top-quality education to very poor children. These children then become productive members of society.
  • The vast majority of priests and religious graduated from Catholic schools. In this time of diminished vocations to the priesthood and religious life, we greatly help the cause of vocations and Church leadership by supporting Catholic schools.

Proudly Pro-Choice on Catholic Education

The child is not a mere creature of the state. Parents have the primary responsibility to see how and where their children are educated.