21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

08-26-2018Weekly Reflection

Joshua confronts the tribes of Israel; Will you desert your covenant with Yahweh? The desertion of disciples is a prelude to the paschal mystery. With Peter, however, let us profess our faith in the Lord, who gave himself up for all of us.

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

08-19-2018Weekly Reflection

Wisdom has prepared a banquet of food and wine, an image expressive of God’s communion with us. For those who desire life, Jesus gives his own flesh and blood. Thus we shall be filled with the Spirit.

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

08-12-2018Weekly Reflection

To strengthen him for the journey, God provides Elijah with cake and water, reminiscent of his ancestors’ Pasch. Thus he experiences the goodness of the Lord. Jesus, the bread of life, strengthens us for our journey, following his way of love.

18th Sunday of Ordinary Time

08-05-2018Weekly Reflection

The Lord provides heavenly food for the Israelites to eat. Jesus proclaims himself to be the very bread of life. We lay aside our way of life to be created anew in his image.