Redirect Taxes for Scholarships!

Our school continues to grow and we're inviting everyone to keep your state tax liability right here in our town by redirecting them to support our tuition scholarships. Please help us build the scholarship fund that provides assistance to all students regardless of income.

We are looking for 100 new Arizona taxpayers to redirect to Catholic Education AZ ( this year.

You can help us by taking the Tax Credit yourself, or by asking a friend or associate. Their tax credit contributions are turned into scholarships for our students.

Joint filers can take a 2020 tax credit of up to $2365 and single filers can take a 2020 tax credit for $1183 (or their Arizona tax liability, whichever is less) and claim every penny as a tax credit towards their Arizona tax obligation.

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please call Barb at the school office: 928-855-0154.