3 in 1 Bible Study - Matthew, Jewish Roots of Holy Week, A Biblical Tour of Heaven

Add Mon, Jan 24

Join Deacon Patrick and Kalala as they facilitate a Three-In-One bible study led by Dr. Brant Pitre who will take us through the Gospel of Matthew, the Jewish Roots of Holy Week and A Biblical Tour of Heaven.

Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew? Why the long genealogy at the beginning of Matthew, which many of us skim over, why is that so important to Matthew’s message? Why Jesus’ infancy, public ministry, and last days in Jerusalem show him to be the long-awaited fulfillment of what the priests, prophets, and king of old hoped for?

If you knew you only had one week left to live, how would you spend it? What would you do? Most People know that Jesus celebrated the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, died on Good Friday, and lay dead in the tomb on Holy Saturday. But what about the other days of Holy Week? What did Jesus choose to say and do on the last seven days of his life?

What is Heaven like? Is it filled with little naked babies, clouds, and harps? If not, then what is it like, and what will we be doing there for all eternity?

These questions and many more will be answered through our 7 week, 3 in 1 Bible Study.

The 3 in 1 study, Matthew, Jewish Roots of Holy Week, A Biblical Tour of Heaven begins Mon, Jan 24 at 6:30pm VIRTUAL, online via Webex, or you may attend in person on Wed, Jan 26 or Thu, Jan 27 at 9:30am. There is NO FEE to attend the bible study.

To register or for more information please call Martha at the Parish Office 928-855-2685.