Making Excuses or Blame Mind Set

11-19-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Anthony Okolo, C.S.Sp, V.F.

Today’s gospel presents us with a very famous story many of us are very familiar with. The story of the King or master who gave his three servants talents and left for a long trip. On his return he expected to get a result on how they used the talents. The first two doubled what they were given because they tried and traded with it. The last never did anything on his own.

Traditionally, we are taught that the parable teaches us about the different talents God has given us and how we use them. However, I want to look at it differently. The two servants who made profit were motivated and they tried without blaming anyone or making excuses for anything. Their effort yielded good results simply because they tried. As John Bergsma puts it, the theme of today’s reading could be called, “fidelity to the seemingly small matters that God places in our care”.

The third servant could not achieve anything because he went into the blame game, blaming his master that he is wicked and high handed, he reaps where he does not sow. Thus, making excuses because he could not trade with the money. Excuses are the justification we give for our irresponsibility to feel good. Instead of facing our failures, laziness or limitations and dealing with them we would rather point the accusing finger at something and make excuses and blame that thing or individual for our failure.

The first question or test God addressed to man got a failed answer because he was trying to make excuses and looking for someone to blame. Gen: 3:9-10-13. “But the Lord God called the man, and said to him, where are you? And he said, I heard the sound of you in the garden and, I was afraid because I was naked.” The question was where are you? The question was of location, and he answered with a condition of feeling. Then God said, who told you, you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree I have commanded you not to eat and Adam’s response was that the woman you gave me gave it to me to eat. Invariably he was blaming God for giving him the woman.

We are called to do our best in everything and leave the rest to God. God will crown our sincere effort with success in every situation. Let us never give up in approaching God, never get tired of making an effort in the right direction and never be discouraged when you try and fail the first time. God will see you through in your effort.

Fr. Tony Okolo C.S.Sp., V.F.