The Choicest Vines

10-08-2017Weekly ReflectionDeacon Patrick Toilolo

The readings today are about the vineyard of the Lord. In the first reading we hear about the vineyard being planted with the "choicest vines", the best vines, but when it came time to harvest, to pick the crop of grapes, it yielded wild grapes, bad fruit. The Prophet Isaiah is pointing out to Israel that they are the wild grapes, the bad fruit. Israel has not been true to her calling to witness to the nations of the One true God.

In the gospel reading the owner of the vineyard leases his vineyard to tenants. When it is time for harvest, time for the owner to collect his produce, he sends his servants to collect, and the tenants, the workers in the vineyard, beat, kill, and stone the servants. This happened twice. Finally, he sent his son, and they killed him.

What do we learn from these passages? All of us are workers in God's vineyard. The question we should ask ourselves today is, "What kind of worker am I? Am I producing good fruit, bad fruit, or no fruit at all? Am I doing my part of the work? Am I being true to all that God is calling me to? When God sends his servants to me, his ministers, those who would help me become a better Catholic, Christian, do I turn them away like the tenants in the gospel or do I welcome their help, their teaching, their wisdom?

To help build up God's vineyard I want to encourage each and everyone of you to consider attending the Called and Gifted Workshop which will held, at Our Lady of the Lake, on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28. All the baptized have been given spiritual gifts to help us grow in faith. We've also been given spiritual gifts that are not for us, but for others, these are called Charisms. In this workshop we will explore the different charisms, and take a look at the possible charisms that you were given at baptism, and how to determine if you have the charism.

You can register by calling the Parish Office and asking for Gaby or visit our website and register online. All of us have been given a work in the vineyard, God has given us everything that we need for the work, but sometimes we need a little guidance to help us tap into the gifts, the charisms that we've been given to maintain the vineyard.

The Owner of the vineyard, God, returns to collect his produce on a regular basis. What kind of fruit will you give Him?