The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

08-13-2017Weekly Reflection

Mary’s love for Jesus was surpassed by none other. She had a special love for her Son, who is God, that made a claim on her entire being, body and soul. It is no wonder then, that upon her death Mary was taken body and soul into heaven so that she in her totality could dwell forever with her Son. Our celebration gives us the opportunity to ponder what heaven may be like and help us to long, even more fervently, for the fulfillment and joy that only God can eternally provide.

What lessons should I learn from the Assumption ofMary?

Growing in holiness is similar to training in a sport.We need someone to show us how we can live our faith well. Mary is a model of sanctity. She shows us how tobe faithful to God’s will, living each day with confidence in God’s mercy and love. At the Nativity, inJesus’ public ministry, and at the Crucifixion, we seeher steadfast trust. She allows the Lord to use her lifeto accomplish his plan for her and for all of us. In thePreface of the Mass for the Assumption of Mary, wepray: “For today the Virgin Mother of God was assumed into heaven as the beginning and image ofyour Church’s coming to perfection and a sign of surehope and comfort to your pilgrim people.”

It is this image image of holiness that we strive to imitate. In the office, at home, or in our community, we look forsigns of God’s grace that call us to an ever greater love of him and each other. A greater awareness of God is asign of our conversion of heart that lives the lessons Mary teaches.

Nadie pudo sobre pasar el amor que María le tenía a Jesús. Ella tenía un amor muy especial para su Hijo, Dios, que tomó afirmación en todo su ser, su cuerpo y su espíritu. Entonces no es extraño que tras su muerte, María fue llevada de cuerpo y espíritu para que ella, en su totalidad pudiera vivir eternamente con su Hijo. Nuestra celebración nos da una oportunidad de pensar en cómo es el cielo y también nos ayuda añorar la plenitud y alegría que solo Dios nos puede dar eternamente.