Called & Gifted Workshop

Feb 24 9:00am - 5:00pm Faith Formation

in the Holy Family Parish Center

God called us to excel in every aspect of our lives, including our careers. Work is an essential part of a Christian disciple's life. The spiritual gifts God has given you help you to be effective at your work and to be more effective witness to your faith in the workplace. If you are dissatisfied with your job, or are recently unemployed, your spiritual gifts are excellent clues for discerning a new direction.

Our parish is sponsoring a teaching team from the Catherine of Siena Institute in Colorado Springs who will offer the introductory Called & Gifted workshop, which will help you begin to discern your unique mission in life. Everyone is invited to participate. The cost of the workshop is $22.00 per participant.

To register or find out more, call Deacon Patrick at 928-855-2685.

If you've attended the Called and Gifted Workshop in October and would like to attend the workshop in February, please register and bring your material to the workshop, there is NO fee for you.

Register Today!