Loyalty is Costly

08-18-2019Fr. Julius Kundi

Today all three readings speak profoundly about the same thing: following the Lord means that we shall suffer. This is never a popular theme. Often we really prefer that our faith become simply a personal comfort to us in time of need. We are not really at ease with a faith that demands that we speak up in terms of truth and justice and right. Yes, we are not always comfortable with such themes because of the price to be paid. We desire, perhaps sincerely to follow the Lord, but are deeply scared of what it will cost. Can there be any compromise?

Surely, many of us could appreciate if there's a rather more simplified form of Christianity to practice than the one with the cross. However , the fact still remains that Christianity is loyalty. It is not a theory or an ideology, but it is a faith in the person of Jesus Christ who is the Son of God. It is the imitation of His life, teachings and sacrifice on the cross. Our faith is not like a dress that if we don’t like it anymore we give it to somebody or through it away. Faith is a way of life; it is our own identification card that we constantly profess in our lives.


Events and Announcements

¡Formación Familiar en la Fe!

Aug 23, 2019 - Aug 24, 2019

Vamos a tener una clase de formación para los padres que van a registrar a sus niños al catecismo.

Necesitamos que se registren a más tardar viernes, 9 de agosto.


Happy Hour

Aug 25, 2019: 5:00pm

in the church

Come join Deacon Patrick and his family for an evening filled with song, praise and worship.

Adult Formation Series on the Mass

Aug 29, 2019: 9:30am

in the John Paul II House located next to the parish office

Please register for the series by calling the RE office.