The Glory of the Son of Man: His Resurrection

04-21-2019Fr. Julius Kundi

Dear brethren, we are all happy to come together once again to celebrate the Glory of the Son of Man-Jesus. We are back here to celebrate the fact of His Resurrection.

This is a celebration that calls for a deeper reflection on the Great statements presented in the readings today:

  1. That Jesus is Risen
  2. That All prophetic scripture must be fulfilled
  3. That preaching repentance and forgiveness of sin has become imperative- a command by all witnesses (Christians).
  4. That Power is to come upon you through the Holy Spirit, by staying and praying together.

Events and Announcements


You enter this Church not as a stranger, but as a guest of God. As a baptized person, you enter it as a son or daughter of the Father in Christ. This House of God, therefore, is your family home. Come in then with humility of mind, joy of heart, and thanks on your lips. Come in and pause in prayer in the midst of your busy life and its many worries.

Online Giving

Online Giving is a great way to utilize the internet for the good of our parish through this secure and convenient process.


Bible Journaling & Sketchbook Class

Apr 23 10:00am - 12:00pm

This class is a way to express your faith creatively. We will be using a separate sketchbook to journal, while using our bible as inspiration.


Bereavement Group

Apr 24

Wednesday mornings after the 8:30am Mass in St. Thomas More Room
Wednesday evenings after the 5:30pm Mass in St. Maria Goretti Room

Divine Mercy Holy Hour

Apr 28 3:00pm

in the Church

Catholic Men’s Fellowship Group

May 1 6:00am - 7:00am

We are a group of men who come together every first Wednesday of the month to pray and share our faith.