The Choice is Absolutely Yours!

02-17-2019Fr. Julius Kundi

One of the most difficult things to do in this present dispensation is to relinquish our control to someone else and depend totally on that person to lead and guide us. This is difficult in our age to do because education and learning have become idols to which people increasingly bow to. We live in a time of exceeding pride in human knowledge and accomplishment. We are also surrounded by a culture where the desires and rights of the individual are considered the greatest good—where I can have whatever I want or be whatever I want, as long as it doesn’t harm others or keep them from their own desires. Many see this as a perfect argument against the existence of God and hence cannot accept to surrender to Him the control of one's life.


Events and Announcements


You enter this Church not as a stranger, but as a guest of God. As a baptized person, you enter it as a son or daughter of the Father in Christ. This House of God, therefore, is your family home. Come in then with humility of mind, joy of heart, and thanks on your lips. Come in and pause in prayer in the midst of your busy life and its many worries.

Online Giving

Online Giving is a great way to utilize the internet for the good of our parish through this secure and convenient process.


Formed: The Catholic "Netflix"

Our parish has purchased a subscription to a Catholic website, www.FORMED.org. This site allows all of you, our parishioners, to have access to great instructional videos on our Catholic faith, spiritual programs, e-books, and Catholic specific movies for the family.


Direct Your Tax Credit to Our School

Please direct your Tax Credit to Our School Your support is essential to our growth!


Prayer Garden Bricks

Have you seen Mary’s Prayer Garden on the north side of the Church around the statue of the Blessed Virgin? Now is the time for you to purchase your brick or bricks to add to its beauty.


Charity and Development Appeal

So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 The CDA gives you the opportunity to nurture the faith and hope of others in our Diocese. Through the CDA, you become the vessel of God’s love shared with others.


Help Wanted: Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers Needed. We are forming an exciting new ministry for our school children and parishioners of Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic Parish.


Our School is Hiring!

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School will be adding to our team of talented and committed educators.


Last Chance Photo Directory

There is still time to register for the photo directory if you act fast! Photographs will be taken Mar 5-9.


The Bible Timeline Bible Study

Feb 18 9:30am

24 week study: Mondays at 9:30am beginning Mon, Jan 14 OR Tuesdays at 6:30pm beginning Tue, Jan 15