God is Love and the Trinity exists in Love and Unity

05-27-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. Tony Okolo

Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. The Trinity simply means that there are three persons in One God. That is to say, God is One and Three at the same time. It is a mystery and that is why it is called the mystery of the Trinity. A mystery does not mean something we cannot understand nor do we have any clue about it, but something we cannot fully grasp with our limited understanding. Mystery is part of our religion and in fact every authentic religion has elements of mystery. Jesus revealed to his disciples the great mystery of our faith, the triune nature of God in three persons and the inseparable union of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ mission is to reveal the glory of God to us and to unite us with God in a community of unbreakable unity and everlasting love. The ultimate end, the purpose for which God created us, is the entry of God’s sons and daughters into perfect unity of the blessed Trinity.

However, what is most important in today’s celebration is not about the doctrine or the mystery aspect of the Trinity but God’s dynamic and intimate friendship with us, through the three persons of the Trinity. The feast of the Holy Trinity is not a celebration of the mystery of the Trinity, nor of the doctrine about the mystery, but a celebration of God’s dynamic and intimate friendship with us. It is this love and faithfulness of a friend in God the Father that we celebrate today. It is the sharing and caring of a friend in Jesus that we celebrate in the Trinity today. And it is the guidance and support of a friend in the Spirit that we celebrate today. The persons of the Trinity are united in love, and God is a model for how he would want us to be, not fighting with one another or exploiting one another but, loving and caring about each other.

It is good to be attentive or focus on the qualities of God as our friend: his love and faithfulness, his caring and sharing. If indeed we are created in the image of such a God and baptized into his family, then we must reflect in our lives the same qualities of friendship in our relationships with each other. If we are able to reflect in our own life situation this aspect of unity of love that holds the Trinity together, then we will be living the true life of the Trinity. Trinity may be riddle wrapped in a mystery, but there is a key and that key is friendship, which cannot only unravel the mystery but also help to create a friendly world.

In summary, our celebration of the mystery of Trinity would be more appreciated if we allow the love, sharing, caring and support witnessed in the Triune God to be experienced and witnessed in our individual families and relationship with one another. Let us allow this unique expression of love and unity guide our lives as we celebrate this great mystery of our faith.

Happy Sunday to you all as I pray for God’s special blessings upon you and your individual families.