The Lord is at Work in Every Human Heart

09-30-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. Julius Kundi

The central message for us in today's readings is how to recognize the working of the Holy Spirit in others and to accept and tolerate them. Both the first reading and the gospel present this challenge to us and how to be inclusive and tolerant in treating others.


The Greatest Shall Be the Servant of All

09-23-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. Julius Kundi

The Church still wants us to continue the same theme that we were given in last Sunday’s readings: the way to life is through dying to ourselves and be of service to all. That there is no way we can be true followers of Jesus without the way of the cross. Even though redemption in Jesus Christ gives us thepower to live a new life, it does not exempt us from human suffering. Therefore, knowing and accepting to follow Jesus is a commitment that one has to make bearing in mind the price to be paid.


24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-16-2018Weekly Reflection

Who do you say that I am? Mark 8:27

Isaiah would suffer and call upon the Lord for help. Jesus speaks of his own suffering and death and of the demands of discipleship. What use is faith, to confess that Jesus is the Christ without works of love?

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-09-2018Weekly Reflection

The advent of the age of salvation is upon us: the deaf hear, the blind see, and those bowed down are raised up. The kingdom is made manifest around the Eucharistic table, where rich and poor alike are invited to feast.

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-02-2018Weekly Reflection

Through observance of the Lord’s commands, we shall experience the fullness of life. Living in conformity with God’s will frees us from all casuistry about good and evil. We are called to welcome God’s word and to let it take root in our hearts.