Jesus Walking on the Water - Reaching Out in Faith

08-13-2017Weekly ReflectionDeacon Andy Kresha

Jesus is Lord of all the winds and waves, of all nature. To believe in Jesus Christ is to believe in the Son of God, as God.

Whether control over nature, the healing of sickness, the raising of the daughter of Jairus from death, the multiplication of loaves of bread to feed 5000 people, or Jesus himself rising from the dead, we see His great signs and wonders. How slow are we to faith! We are afraid of so many things. Yet to trust in God is to know that his only Son will help us to walk out on the water as we face the storms of life.

Jesus tells Peter, " be not afraid it is I". With more faith than the other Apostles, Peter had enough courage to get out of the boat. But when Peter took his focus off of Jesus and His words, Peter began to sink. Yet both Jesus’ arm reaching out to Peter and Jesus’ words to not be afraid wash is salvation. There is a beautiful painting with an image of Jesus reaching out his arm to St. Peter as he is sinking into the sea. It is with compassion that Jesus reaches out to save him.How many times have we heard those words of Jesus, “Be not afraid it is I.” Can we hear those words, ever present to comfort us when we feel all is lost in our distress or fear? Yet Jesus speaks to you and me words of compassion.

Where can we hear those comforting words? It is not always clear in the powerful acts of nature like a raging storm. Elijah wanted to hear God after seeking shelter in a cave. Elijah heard heavy winds crushing rocks, then an earthquake and then fire. But the Lord was not in any of them.However Elijah finally heard the Lord in his words whispering to him. That is what hit Elijah in the face. He hides his face because he experienced the presence of God in the whisper, soft but real and true.

In practice, to grow in our faith, we must at times go off to pray alone as Jesus did. Like Elijah, we must avoid all the noise and confusion and chaos around us which can truly distract us from the Word of God. We must be quiet and listen for the whispers of the Lord Jesus who can lift up our faith when fears and anxiety fill us. Quiet time in prayerful listening. Listening to the Gospels. Listening to his quiet voice as it touches our hearts. Listening for a word of assurance or comfort.

It is with compassion that Jesus, the Lord of all the winds and waves, of all nature that wants to save us when we feel we are drowning. To believe in Jesus Christ is to believe in the Son of God, Master over all of creation yet our Divine Mercy. Jesus we place our trust in thee!