Father Lawrence’s Farewell Celebration

05-29-2016Weekly ReflectionFr. Chauncey Winkler

More than five years ago, Father Lawrence Bakut came to Our Lady of the Lake from his Diocese of Zaria in Nigeria. He had been teaching at the university there for many years and serving at a large parish near the university.

At the end of June, this year, he will be returning to his university and parish work in his Diocese of Zaria, where he has been greatly missed these past five years.

I want to thank Father Lawrence for his ministry here. His knowledge and experience as a priest and professor have been a great blessing for me and for all of us in so many ways.

On Sun, Jun 12 everyone is invited to the Holy Family Parish Center at 11:30 am for a light lunch and to show our appreciation to Father Lawrence. Then it will be our turn to miss him.

Father Chauncey